Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Greeks have a word for it

The word in question is "gynecomastia", which I didn't know, because I had no reason to look it up, means the formation of breasts in males.  Or, to use a word which I did know, the development of "moobs".  And the reason for displaying this particular piece of knowledge is that I've come to the realization that I now actually have the aforesaid!

Whereas in photos me taken of when I had my nipples pierced in 1999 I'm as flat-chested as the next guy, the acquistion over I suppose the last couple of years or so of what I rather naively thought was just a bit of fat in the chest area has culminated in the appearance of two clearly defined "boy-boobs" as I like to call them.

I won't say I had mixed feelings at this discovery, I'll be honest and say I was thrilled.  I think they're rather cute: they're very pert and firm (so far, at least), and I think they suit me.  I'd never really consciously wanted them because I'd never really thought about it, and the times over the last decade or so when I'd worn a basque, the little cups were pretty empty.  Now it's different.  Some sort of naturally shifting body hormone balance has given me enough to comfortably fill a 36B, and I say "comfortably", because I now wear an all-in-one corselette to keep them nicely firm and in shape.  I could've chosen a bra instead, but the odd couple of times I tried on one, I didn't go for it much.  Some guys look drop-dead sexy in a bra, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them.

Casting my eye back over that last paragraph, I can't help thinking how lucky I am.  When I researched "gynecomastia", everything I think without exception that I found told me how to go about getting treatment, usally unpleasant-sounding surgery, to get rid of these unsightly, psychologically disastrous imperfections  Had I still been a teenager, I'm sure I'd have wanted to do likewise: I imagine that's what "normal" males do, and I daresay I'm in the minority in now choosing to flaunt them rather than have them removed.

But I'm kinky enough to enjoy my morning routine in the shower, soaping up my boy-boobs and playing with them a little, and then dressing, finishing off with a tight T-Shirt to proudly display my nice girlie bustline.  I can and do hide it under a baggy hoodie or sweater when I go out, though!

I'm curious to know how things will develop now.  From what I've read, my boy-boobs are unlikely to shrink away on their own: they may even carry on growing further.  Will I end-up looking like a she-male, perhaps?  Time will tell, but somehow I'm always going to remember 2013 as the year I grew boobs.