Saturday, 26 February 2011

Happy endings and new beginnings

The shower room conversion is finished!! We had a nasty little hiccup last Friday, when the flooring contractors took it upon themselves to declare that the floor area was too dirty to work on *um yeah, I never used to like working over on Fridays, either* but with a certain amount of "tell it like it is" on my part, the job wwas completed speedily and, to the best of my knowledge, satisfactorily. It's looking good.

Flushed with the success of my little venture in porn stardom on X-Tube, I've now done a sequel. The artstic content is better (or at least, I thought so) but unfortunately the technical quality isn't - it's a bit jerky and pixellated, so that's something I've got to work on.

Amazingly, I'm already starting to attract something of a "friend" following, which perhaps rather unwisely is going to encourage me to make some more. Which brings me to the point of this: the two I've done so far don''t feature heels (though I was wearing heels when I recorded the first one). I've already half-promised someone a video of me "modelling" a pair of leather thighboots, so if there's anything in similar vein that anyone would like to see.... I'm open to suggestions.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see a clip of me making an exhibition of myself in a pair of white lacy girlie panties, complemented by a rather sexy tight girdle... here you go:
Me in panties and girdle

Monday, 14 February 2011

Squeaky clean?

Today, the workmen arrived to start converting our bathroom into a shower room. We've got a council grant to have the work done (otherwise it wouldn't be happening!) but I must admit that initially I wasn't altogether sold on the idea - I like a good wallow in the bath and always have. I've even (on occasion) fallen asleep in one, though fortunately I didn't drown.

But we're getting a refurbished bathroom out of the deal, so I daresay I can learn to live without my daily wallow and make do with a brisk in-and-out instead. Although I've heard you can do very innovative and kinky things with shower nozzles - cleaning the parts other methods cannot reach. So I may yet get to like this new regime after all!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

18 hours and counting.....

As you'll know if you read my assorted ramblings on any sort of regular basis, I like to explore the wilder side of my nature now and again, and to try things I've never done before. I have, of course, both worn a corset on a regular basis and taken photos of it. However I hadn't - up till now - tried a girdle, which is, I suppose you could say, a variant on the same theme.

I was intrigued last week when I came across some pics of guys wearing them, and somewhat to my surprise as I'd never really been particularly keen on them as a garment, felt sufficiently tempted to try one. It arrived this morning!

My initial reaction, as I put it on, was.... "My God, these things are tight!" I'd gone for a size 12 (medium) on account of that being the nearest match to my hip size, though at a 30" waist I realized in that respect it was small for me. However, being designed for a female build rather than a male, there has to be compromise and I guessed that the fit over the hips was probably the more important of the two.

I've been girdled now for twelve hours, including a brief outing to the shops in it at lunchtime. The feeling is amazing. It's slightly more comfortable standing or lying down than sitting, but maybe a bigger one would make that less obvious. I love the constant squeezy huggy feeling though, and certainly being now in something designed for long-term wear, I'm confident of going the full "advertised" 18 hours and enjoying every minute of it.

The one thing I cannot do is go for a quick pee in it: that entails partially undressing and sitting down to it. I don't actually have a problem with that, but for some reason I've never fully understood a lot of guys do, and so I just thought I'd mention it!

Oh - and the pic is a rather grainy pixellated still from a webcam video I made of myself in it this afternoon!

Friday, 4 February 2011

The Greeks Italians have a word for it

This week, in my Italian class, we got round to expanding our vocabulary a bit by looking at various articles of clothing. In contrast to my experiences as a schoolboy linguist, I was gratified to find that things have moved on quite considerably, and thus I learned that skinny jeans are "jeans adorenti". But what of stiletto heels, I wondered - after all, stiletto is an Italian word, is it not?

"i tacchi a punta" we were told is apparently the correct way of expressing it, coupled with the height of the heel in centimetres. So.. given that I absolutely love wearing 5" stiletto-heeled knee-boots... I reckon I'm going to have quite a bit of fun doing this weeek's homework!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Just lie back and enjoy it!

I don't go in much for posting video clips on here, but this one I thought deserved a mention: it's a guy enjoying a very hot pair of white patent balletboots. With a running time of just over twenty minutes, though, it's main appeal is to the serious afficionado.

I must confess to being very intrigued by the idea of wearing balletboots. As you'll see, not many guys you come across on video can actually walk in them, and most in fact can hardly stand. But as a hot bedroom item, on the other hand..... Anyway, I don't want to give too much of the 'plot' away:

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Watching TV

I was chatting online last night *as you do* with a cyber-mate, and he'd apparently been watching a load of TV-themed porn videos *as you do (maybe?)* Anyway, the upshot of this was that he sent me some pics to look at: I think they were 'publicity shots' rather than stills from the clips, but they could've been either.

The basic contradiction, if you like, of TV/TS in a porn context is the combination of very huge and obvious boobs juxtaposed with an equally huge and obvious cock - or at least that's what came across from the photos he'd sent and I imagine they're all pretty much the same. What little there was of the costumes was quite appealing: in particular I spotted a zip-front (or rather half-unzipped) white PVC corset-thingy which looked pretty hot, but overall the effect - for me - was ruined by the very ostentatious boob job, and I'd have much preferred a hot guy, looking like a guy, dressed in the same outfit, and I told him so.

That, though, I guess rather defeats the main point of TV porn, which is that the stars look in most respects obviously like females, and the male psyche responds to big boobs as the usual manifestation of that - so I'm probably in the minority in not liking them much. I'd certainly cross being a TV porn star off my list of possible career options, anyway.