Friday, 4 February 2011

The Greeks Italians have a word for it

This week, in my Italian class, we got round to expanding our vocabulary a bit by looking at various articles of clothing. In contrast to my experiences as a schoolboy linguist, I was gratified to find that things have moved on quite considerably, and thus I learned that skinny jeans are "jeans adorenti". But what of stiletto heels, I wondered - after all, stiletto is an Italian word, is it not?

"i tacchi a punta" we were told is apparently the correct way of expressing it, coupled with the height of the heel in centimetres. So.. given that I absolutely love wearing 5" stiletto-heeled knee-boots... I reckon I'm going to have quite a bit of fun doing this weeek's homework!


  1. Ha ha!

    The insatiable quest for knowledge!

    So if it is a class for adults, when do you get onto that steamy Italian sex? And what is the Italian for 'toyboy' or even 'rent boy'?

  2. Micky - Sadly, I don't think the coursebook we work from covers anything steamy (or if it does, I haven't found it yet).

    According to the tutor, Italian men have a terrible reputation for being "Mama's boys" - living at home till they're 30 and that sort of thing. She's always very amenable to answering questions, though: I think she likes us students to take an interest, so I'll ask her on Friday about toyboys and rent boys instead!