Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Watching TV

I was chatting online last night *as you do* with a cyber-mate, and he'd apparently been watching a load of TV-themed porn videos *as you do (maybe?)* Anyway, the upshot of this was that he sent me some pics to look at: I think they were 'publicity shots' rather than stills from the clips, but they could've been either.

The basic contradiction, if you like, of TV/TS in a porn context is the combination of very huge and obvious boobs juxtaposed with an equally huge and obvious cock - or at least that's what came across from the photos he'd sent and I imagine they're all pretty much the same. What little there was of the costumes was quite appealing: in particular I spotted a zip-front (or rather half-unzipped) white PVC corset-thingy which looked pretty hot, but overall the effect - for me - was ruined by the very ostentatious boob job, and I'd have much preferred a hot guy, looking like a guy, dressed in the same outfit, and I told him so.

That, though, I guess rather defeats the main point of TV porn, which is that the stars look in most respects obviously like females, and the male psyche responds to big boobs as the usual manifestation of that - so I'm probably in the minority in not liking them much. I'd certainly cross being a TV porn star off my list of possible career options, anyway.

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