Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's all good clean(?) fun... honest!

As I've written on here before, I love wearing high heels, and I've been in them most of the time in the house this week - slowly getting something approaching basic competence at walking in 5" stilettos, if not exactly proficiency. I even savoured the secret thrill of wearing my rubber ankle boots to put the bin out early yesterday morning: I guessed I'd be pretty safe as it was still dark outside - but I will admit to a very slight twinge of disappointment that I hadn't been noticed.

Since I first started
posting pictures of myself wearing them in the spring of last year, they've rapidly become, I think, the most popular category of photo I've uploaded. So when someone asked me if I could take some photos of me in them perhaps wearing tight shorts or "a denim miniskirt" it sounded to me like a perfect opportunity to show off my leather miniskirt, together with some fishnet tights - and the boots, of course.

It livened up a cold wet winter afternoon no end, and I got a huge kick out of doing it. If I'm honest I do quite enjoy a bit of crossdressing and have done for quite a while - albeit on a small scale. But I suspect I wouldn't need much encouragement to actually go further - maybe to a party or something. I don't, I hasten to add, look enough like a female to pass off as one just on clothes alone and I can't ever see myself donning wigs, falsies and the like. Anyway, here is the finished result, so you be the judge!


  1. Does it hug you?

    I only ask because someone not a million miles from me likes tights for that reason.

    I can well understand the thrill. I used to know someone who was into school blazers (he was in his thirties, I guess). Used to wander the streets at night in half a school uniform - but he confessed that he always had a coat on over the top so nobody could see anything!

    No guts, sadly. I don't think they arrest you these days - you're just going to a part, afteral.

  2. I can't say fishnet tights hug you, no. They look sexy (or at least I think so) but the appeal is primarily visual rather than tactile. It's a different story with sheer tights which I find do give a more sensual feeling as the material caresses your legs.

    I don't happen to know any personally, but there are certainly guys who get a kick out of dressing as schoolboys - usually naughty ones!

    As you say, dressing the way you feel isn't in itself an arrestable offence - and I suspect the good old "diversity training" makes sure that unless there's some sort of nefarious intent involved, there's virtually no action anyone would risk taking.