Sunday, 2 January 2011

Come on in... the water's lovely!

Today being the first Sunday of the new year, I felt it was time to walk off the excesses of Christmas (over-)eating. Raggs and I went across the park, the snow having left the grass wet and muddy. I had her on the long rover-lead so that she could snuffle away in the undergrowth without actually wandering off anywhere, and as soon we reached the little stream, she made a bee-line straight for it. Before I could stop her, she was down the bank and into the water, sploshing around happily evidently not feeling anything of the ice-cold through her thick winter fur.

After a few minutes it was time to move on, but when she turned round, she found there was a problem. The little narrow muddy pathway down was too steep and too slippery get back up again. After a couple of goes at it, I led her a bit further along the stream towards what looked like a shallower part of the bank, but then we saw some people walking along on the opposite side, and a man called across to see if we needed any help. Very wisely, he'd thought to come out in his wellies, so he soon got down to the level of the stream and somewhat gingerly put a foot in the water. The water, presumably the result of melting snow draining off the fields upstream somewhere was cold, clear, only a few inches deep, and without anything much of a current. Having thus successfully got everyone's attention, Raggs now decided that with a burst of energy she could manage quite well enough by herself, got a good run at it and came up splattering mud everwhere over me in the process. We gave her a resounding cheer and a round of applause and all went on our way!

On the way back I did keep more of a determined grip on her lead, but I rather think she realized she'd pushed her luck quite far enough for one day!

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