Sunday, 16 January 2011

Fan club?

I was exchanging emails with a guy at the end of last week, who's into thighboots. As I've written on here before I've got a bit of a thing about boots, including high-heel ones. So we had quite a friendly chat about it and the upshot was that I decided to take some pics of me wearing mine and upload them: they're knee-high rubber stilettos! It's something I'd had half in mind to do for a while in fact. So I set up a little mini photo-shoot with the boots, some black wet-look leggings and a corset to complete the ensemble.

It was a terrific fun way to spend a wet breezy Saturday afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I have no pretentions whatever to being photogenic, although the focus was on the boots and not on me. Nevertheless I was gobsmacked to see that my Flickr stats have since absolutely shot up seven-fold on the strength of it!! The obvious inference is I am not by a long chalk the only guy who's into stilettos - it is moderately obvious that it's a guy who's wearing them. If only I could master the art of walking in them as easily?
PS - I've kept the corset on: I really must get properly back into the habit of that.


  1. Wow!

    Good for you!

    How do you make certain the boots fit OK? They don't look the most comfortable of things.

  2. Thanks Micky!

    The boots in the pic I bought from and by buying them online you can usually send them back if they don't fit. You work on the basis of adding at least one size to your normal shoe size: those are 10.5s in fact.

    They're great to wear! Walking easily in them is definitely an acquired technique, though, which I haven't altogether mastered yet. I can cope with 4" heels better: those 5" stilettos are a bit of a killer. Practice, practice..!