Saturday, 12 February 2011

18 hours and counting.....

As you'll know if you read my assorted ramblings on any sort of regular basis, I like to explore the wilder side of my nature now and again, and to try things I've never done before. I have, of course, both worn a corset on a regular basis and taken photos of it. However I hadn't - up till now - tried a girdle, which is, I suppose you could say, a variant on the same theme.

I was intrigued last week when I came across some pics of guys wearing them, and somewhat to my surprise as I'd never really been particularly keen on them as a garment, felt sufficiently tempted to try one. It arrived this morning!

My initial reaction, as I put it on, was.... "My God, these things are tight!" I'd gone for a size 12 (medium) on account of that being the nearest match to my hip size, though at a 30" waist I realized in that respect it was small for me. However, being designed for a female build rather than a male, there has to be compromise and I guessed that the fit over the hips was probably the more important of the two.

I've been girdled now for twelve hours, including a brief outing to the shops in it at lunchtime. The feeling is amazing. It's slightly more comfortable standing or lying down than sitting, but maybe a bigger one would make that less obvious. I love the constant squeezy huggy feeling though, and certainly being now in something designed for long-term wear, I'm confident of going the full "advertised" 18 hours and enjoying every minute of it.

The one thing I cannot do is go for a quick pee in it: that entails partially undressing and sitting down to it. I don't actually have a problem with that, but for some reason I've never fully understood a lot of guys do, and so I just thought I'd mention it!

Oh - and the pic is a rather grainy pixellated still from a webcam video I made of myself in it this afternoon!

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