Monday, 29 March 2010

All laced up

It started off originally almost as a "dare", from what I remember. I was assured by a good friend of mine at the time, that I'd look good in a corset, would enjoy wearing one, and therefore ought to try it! Rather dubiously I did give it a try, took to it like a duck to water, and absolutely loved it. Gradually over a period of time, although I never wore one anywhere approaching 24/7, I did get into the habit of lacing up regularly and eventually got myself into a 26" one before letting the habit lapse rather unaccountably a couple of years ago. Looking back on that, I'm not altogether sure why: just one of those things that happens, I suppose. Whatever the reason, the end result was that I started putting on weight again, got up to around 180 pounds - with a waistline to match - before dropping back to 175 which I don't seem to be able to reduce further. It's largely, I'm ashamed to say, the result of pigging on snacks between meals!

There's therefore no way I can fit into a 26" any more, but I'd laced up sporadically on occasions in a 30" PVC one I bought off eBay. I thought yesterday it was about time I made more of a determined effort to get myself back into shape, and having discovered the 30" almost fitted me without much of a gap at the back, I had the incentive I needed. I've been wearing it now for a little over twelve hours.

It's a bit difficult to explain what the big attraction is for a guy in wearing a corset. Being PVC and a womens' one (I can't stand the look of purpose-designed male corsets) gives it a definite kink value, and it's a turn-on for me! I love the sensual tightness - the feeling of being constantly hugged - as well as the visual effect of my body taking on definition and losing a lot of its unsightly flab. Although I've never gone in for tightlacing as such, the restriction over my stomach area does give me a feeling of not wanting to eat, as well as realistically no longer being able to demolish huge quantities of anything while laced up. So it's all good!

We'll see how it goes: the pics incidentally are of me in a 28" PVC one from November 2007 - which should give me something to aim for.

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