Sunday, 20 June 2010

Serendipity n. - the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident

Last autumn, when I came across the Flickr photos which first inspired me to start reminiscing back to my schooldays, there was a link to a GeoCities site on which it looked like there would be a lot more material. As luck would have it, it was just after the time that Yahoo pulled the plug on GeoCities, and the guy who'd posted the link couldn't remember whose the site was. It didn't seem to have been archived or cached anywhere and he tried e-mailing (using that part of the URL which was an e-mail addy) but without getting a reply. For some while afterwards I tried searching occasionally to see if anything turned up about it, but I'd more or less given up hope of finding any clues.

But then the other night I was looking at the updated profiles on Friends Reunited, when I spotted that another ex-pupil had put the same link in his profile. On the offchance, I shot him a message asking if he knew whose the site was, and he replied the following night that it was his! He said he wants to re-upload it when he's found a suitable ftp hosting for it: I'm not sure how keen he is, but he did say that there had been quite a bit of material on it, so having done what I assume would've been a fair amount of work, and now he knows he's got an interested reader, it may spur him on. I'm hoping so, anyway, having unexpectedly found the missing piece to my puzzle!

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