Monday, 18 July 2011

Night of the Generals Commissioners

So, the plot thickens! Hot on the heels of the "Top Cop" Police Commissioner Stephenson's resignation at the weekend comes that of Assistant Commissioner Yates, famously quoted as acknowledging his "crap decision" not to investigate the News of the World phone hacking allegations the first time round.

Who's next, I wonder? I don't take either resignation as indicative of guilt as such - that particular question will be for the forthcoming inquiry to uncover: there undoubtedly are (or were) those for whom time is ticking away inexorably before their number is up. For the moment, however, it's refreshing to see highly-paid senior public officials at last doing the decent thing and taking responsibility for their actions and their decisions - especially the "crap" ones.

Acceptance of one's shortcomings, and of the 'buck stops here' principle seems to be a rare commodity nowadays, and so I trust I may be forgiven for expressing the opinion that others would do well to emulate their example - perhaps starting with Ms "I don't 'do' blame" Shoesmith, of
Baby Peter notoriety.

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