Monday, 5 September 2011

Happy landings!

Although I'd seen the initial account a couple of months back of the emperor penguin  who came ashore on a beach near Wellington, New Zealand, I hadn't been following the story all that closely.  Nevertheless "Happy Feet", as he's been nicknamed, does seem to have captured something of a worldwide following: penguins are undeniably kinda cute in most people's estimation and I must admit that I can see why he's become something of an international celebrity.  The 'feelgood factor' rules, definitely!  

My knowledge of the subject was hitherto limited to a rather sterotypical image of rows of birds waddling across the Antarctic ice sheet, and I found the blog account of his background rather fascinating.  It's still something of a mystery how he made his way so far from his natural habitat, but then Nature is full of surprising and remarkable achievements (surprising to us humans, at any rate).

As befits Happy Feet's superstar status, he's now got his own website complete with a tracking map to show where he swims to and how far he's got on his journey home - assuming, that is, that he's going "home".  Maybe he's not finished exploring just yet!  He's got his legion of Twitter fans rooting for him and wishing him well on his travels, at any rate.

Bon voyage, Happy Feet!

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