Saturday, 22 October 2011

Like I've never been gone...

After a break of almost four months, I returned last week to this year's series of Italian classes.  I had, of course the best of intentions - doing a bit of practice and a bit of revision during the long summer holiday, but needless to say that never quite materialized and I returned with a definite feeling of apprehension that I'd have forgotten most of what I'd learned last year.  Surprisingly, I found I hadn't.  I won't say I slipped back into the routine effortlessly, but it all seemed surprisingly familiar and I found myself remembering more than I thought I would.  I was helped by the fact that this year's course doesn't just pick up from where last year's left off, the first couple of weeks anyway acting in the nature of a refresher - so yesterday we were practising the perfect tense.  I still find listening and understanding dialogue not the easiest of things to master, but I daresay that comes with practice.  Speaking is definitely coming with practice, and I think I may be at long last shedding my schoolboy reluctance to take part in oral lessons!

Anyway, the reward came yesterday in the form of a certificate for the successful completion of last year's studies.  I did in fact get a grade A, although the grade isn't shown on the certificate - perhaps everyone gets an A?  I must admit I wasn't expecting anything quite so formal and grandiose, almost worthy of a graduation ceremony, I thought.  I don't suppose I shall ever use it for anything, but 44 years after I made a first hesitant attempt at studying Italian, it's definitly nice to finally have something to show for it!    

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