Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Be careful what you wish for

The prayers of those concerned by the much publicized "drought" conditions appear to have been answered, at least partially - the 24-hour solid downpour on Sunday saw an already wet and miserable April out, prompting one commentator apparently to coin the phrase "the wettest drought on record"!  After a brief spell of sunshine yesterday, yet more heavy rain has fallen this morning, leaving our lawn more like wetlands or mudflats than a lawn.  Whether it'll recover in time for the summer is at the moment anybody's guess.

So since gardening was a bit out of the question, I set to the task of tidying up a bit round the house instead - attacking amongst other things the small mountain of padded Jiffy bags which we'd accumulated by virtue of buying most things online (and consequently delivered by post) these days.  I supposed I'd hung on to them for two main reasons: one is that it seemed a bit wasteful to just throw them away, and secondly they did come in quite handy when I had a brief but mildly successful spell of selling stuff on eBay a year or two back.

Although I kept some - and a pile of bubble-wrap which might come in handy for something one day - the rest I dumped in the bin.  Had I still been at work, I'd gladly have donated them: the library was always in need of them for posting books off in.  However in the absence of any alternative recycling options (I don't think you can recycle them as paper/card, because of the plastic padding they contain) I didn't reckon actually trying to sell them was a viable idea: they're probably not that expensive anyway and it's a bit counter-intuitive to pay to post off packaging material, although I suppose someone might've bought them and collected them in person?  Whatever.  There'll no doubt be plenty more where those came from!   

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