Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tempting fate

I've been putting off writing this entry for one particular reason.  Every time I write anything about wearing a corset *again*  I immediately go off the idea and it all comes to nothing.  After two months, that may still be the case, but I very much hope not. 

I've been corseted now for several weeks - and when I say "corseted" I mean laced up in a corset tight all the time apart from showering and 'essential maintenance'.  Although I've had brief spells of lacing up before, and did it on and off on a pretty regular basis a few years back, I've never managed to do it quite so successfully.  How do I define success?  I've gone from a fully-closed 30" corset, down to a 28", and at the beginning of this week to a 26" one - which I bought some years ago when I could only just about fit into it.  So I'm feeling pleased, quite proud of my efforts, and best of all really comfortable and happy at being so tightly corseted.  I was pretty amazed at the photo I took last night of the jeans I'd been wearing all day - 34" waist Levis (my natural waist size) looking positively baggy!

I've always tended to look back rather wistfully to the time when I'd just left school but was still only a 28" waist and used to buy boys jeans because I could still get into them and they were in fact a better, slimmer fit on me than the men's styles.  It's probably optimistic to expect to be able to recapture that, but I'm able to pull my laces just a little bit tighter every few days so I'm certainly working on it!        


  1. Wow, kudos on your dedication! I've never done anything near 23/7 that you're doing, and though I've fantasized about being forced do that, I am sure that the sacrifices you make on a day to day basis to waist train like that must be numerous.

    I'm curious, do you take it off for any exercise? Everything I've read about 23/7 waist training makes it clear that is important or else the muscles will atrophy and you'll develop back issues - unless you stay corseted that is.

    1. Wow, thanks Aarkey: that's a really huge compliment coming from an expert like yourself! I do in fact enjoy periodically getting into the mindset of imagining that I'm actually being forced to wear the corset: it certainly gives me a heightened sensation and brings out the submissive in me.

      I don't at the moment exercise as such: I never have done. What I do though is make sure that I fit anything that entails a lot of stretching, bending, crouching and crawling around on the floor (in short, anything difficult or awkward to do in a corset) into the period first thing in the morning before I lace up again for the day. Sometimes it's only half-an-hour, other days an hour or more.

      Luckily I've nover suffered much from back pain anyway, and I've never had so much as a twinge while in a corset. I can already begin to sense the growing sensation of support from wearing the corset laced so tightly all the time: the idea of needing to stay corseted from now on intrigues me a great deal but I am still wavering a little bit on how best to strike a balance there.