Friday, 15 March 2013

A policeman's lot is not a happy one

I guess it's part of the intrinsic nature of blogging that so many of them achieve a sort of 'here today - gone tomorrow' status.  One of the more stable (or so I thought) had been that of Inspector Gadget, the pseudonymous Police Inspector whose accounts of what it's really like out there the front line in the British Police force have kept me entertained, informed and on occasion saddened by some of the goings-on behind the scenes.  It's never been my intention in this blog to lift the lid on what similarly went on (and doubtless still does) behind the scenes in Local Government, nor to bad-mouth my erstwhile employers: suffice to say that the pernicious creeping influences of political correctness and emphasis on diversity had to be experienced to be believed, and the resultant barking madness was nothing short of a massive impediment to actually getting the job done. 

I'm not sure why the Inspector has decided to call it a day.  Maybe he's decided enough is enough and is about to hand in his badge.  I feel I detected a growing desperation on his part at the direction in which successive governments have sought to take both the police force and the way it operates.  I hope he hasn't got 'busted': I can't imagine his outspoken views on the antics of senior officers will have earned him many friends in high places and the opportunity to shut down such a thorn in the side would be one many a Chief Constable would find hard to resist.

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