Tuesday, 5 July 2016


So... somewhere around a year after they were first diagnosed, I'm due to have my hernias operated on later today.  Having had to pop out yesterday and get a couple of spare front door keys cut and in the process experiencing a groin pain almost at times akin to bing stabbed, I don't need much more convincing of the necessity of getting it done.

The Hospital have done their best to cover all the angles to ensure I'm physically prepared, and friends have all rallied round offering emotional support.  And I've been making myself busy trying to make sure I've got everything in place to make things easy to manage on my return - which I guess is some sort of psychological testament to my confidence there there will in fact be a return!  So for the moment at least, I'm somewhat calmer and don't think I shall panic and run at the last minute. 

And just to reinforce all that, I'm going to finish with a quote from an online novel I've been reading and re-reading recently.  Although I've taken it out of context, It nevertheless strikes a chord with me in my present situation.  It goes like this:
"She also said without words that worrying would do no good, that the universe would do what was right, that all I had to do was trust it. She told me that no one is ever in total control and sometimes you need to give others the gift of allowing them to care for you." 

[from "All in a Row (the Boys of Sunset)" - a novel by T.S.]

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