Monday, 10 May 2010

Blast from the past

I had an unexpected but very pleasant exchange of emails over the weekend with a fellow ex-pupil from my old Junior School - Minden Row. He'd just posted some pics on Friends Reunited, which although I joined some months back I've never found at all fruitful in terms of being "reunited" with anyone I knew. We weren't in the same class, in fact neither of us could remember anyone else's names. And neither of us could remember very much about the school itself either. However, as we looked at each others' photos and started reminiscing a bit, one or two long-forgotten memories re-emerged. Not nearly as many or as vivid as the ones I have of Leamington College, but then I was there longer and it was - albeit only slightly - more recent.

It may perhaps bring forth other ex-pupils with more pieces of the puzzle. I don't know what happened to the school: there isn't anyone listed there after 1964, so I'm guessing it may have closed down then, in which case there probably aren't going to be that many ex-pupils. I may still get another nice surprise or two out of the blue one day, though.

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