Monday, 24 May 2010

Maybe it just seemed like a good idea at the time?

I've been posting pics on a fairly regular basis to my Flickr photostream. They're only snapshots, but it's been quite fun, people seem to like looking at them and commenting on them, and I've joined quite a few of the groups on there as a result.

Now I don't know what inspired me to look, but I searched yesterday to see if there were any groups that might relate to my old school, and was staggered to find a direct match. It had been going a couple of months but only had one member (the Admin), there were no pics or discussion threads, and it said "Anyone who was at Leamington College between 1963 and 1970" which wasn't the exact time I was there. Nevertheless I sent the guy a message saying I was interested in joining (there aren't that many ex-pupils around that he can afford to be too picky over the dates, I thought). I was gobsmacked to get an automated message back in the evening to say the Admin had left the group and as its longest-serving member (a few hours!) I was now the new Admin! I'd thought it was a bit odd that there wasn't any obvious connection with the school in his profile or photostream: I've no idea who he is/was, nor what he set the group up for. I suppose he has his reasons for the anonymity of it all.

Anyway, I'm giving it my best shot at kicking it into life. I've done a bit of spamming and got several members, and between us we've added some photos. In the space of 24 hours, it certainly looks like
it's being used, but realistically I suspect its growth potential is pretty limited. Even so, I've done a better job on it than its previous owner did!

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