Friday, 7 May 2010

Breathe in.....

I daresay its probably one of those association-of-ideas things, but since I got back into the corset habit a couple of weeks or so ago, I've been taking a bit more of an interest in it once again. I've watched a few videos and commented on them, and filled in a little survey-thing this afternoon on Flickr with my experiences of wearing a corset. I realized how much I enjoyed the habit and missed the benefits it had brought me in terms of keeping my weight and shape under control.

However, a little perseverence and application has paid off: I've lost almost half a stone in weight, and have just found my 30" corsets are only just tight enough when fully laced, so I went in search of my 28" one! It's been so long I couldn't find where I'd put it, but I eventually retrieved it from the bottom of a box, and wa-hey.... I laced it up. I can't quite lace it fully again yet but it's lovely and snug, and it always was the best-fitting one of all my corsets. Strange to think I actually own more corsets than I do shirts, but then since I left work I don't ever have occasion to wear a shirt any more!

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