Sunday, 23 May 2010

Some like it hot

It's been a glorious sunny weekend, with clear blue skies today and not a cloud in sight. I took the dog for a walk this morning: I'd got a couple of things to deliver, so rather than walk along the road, we took a detour through the park. I could see the stream running through it and correctly guessed there would be a point where the bank was shallow enough to let us go down to the water's edge. Raggs loved it - she paddled along a few yards and lay down in the shallow water, drinking from it. It looked a bit muddy, but at least it wasn't stagnant. After a few moments' rest and refreshment she emerged, shaking the excess drops all over me.

In fact the 'detour' turned out to be a shortcut, as I spotted a bridge a little further along which led out onto a path towards the road where we wanted to be. We came back the same way, enjoying the sunshine among the other dog walkers and footie players. It's still warm and sunny this evening, so I've just been out watering the tomato plants in the garden. They're still not much more than seedlings, but are slowly starting to grow. The strawberries are a mass of flowers, and are putting out runners quite freely, much to the envy of my neighbour, whose plants aren't doing at all well and have nearly all died off for some reason!

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