Thursday, 6 May 2010

Me in high heels

I guess it's probably not unrelated to my love of wearing a corset, but from time to time I've gone in for wearing high heels. I'm neither proficient enough nor brave enough to do it in public but I nonetheless love the feeling and sensation of walking around in high-heeled boots. Whether I have the legs for it is something else again! A significant downside is actually getting hold of a pair that fit me: I variously take a size 8 or 9 in "normal" shoes/boots depending on the style, which translates into a 10 where stilettos are involved, and that's not always a guarantee of a good fit. I have found that a 10 can be a bit tight whereas an 11 will give better room initially but will tend to let my feet slip forward too much when I start walking in them.

Somewhat on impulse (because they were half-price in a sale) I bought a pair of Pleaser 1002 black rubber ankle boots. They arrived yesterday and seemed a pretty good fit when I tried them on: I've been wearing them most of the morning - just in the house! - and somewhat to my surprise they're really comfortable and feel great on. The 5" heels are a bit of a killer, as walking naturally in heels that high isn't something I've practised enough to carry off with expertise, but I reckon with a bit of perseverence it should come a bit more naturally.

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