Monday, 26 April 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

When I was going through all my old school and family photos and scanning them in, I uploaded all the images onto my Flickr photostream. I hadn't used it up until that point, and to be honest I wasn't sure how interesting they'd be to anyone else: apart from the Leamington College ones which any fellow ex-pupils would probably like to see, the remainder weren't much more than holiday snaps. Nevertheless, it looks from the statistics as if maybe other people have liked looking at my snapshots of Hong Kong in the late 1950s, which some people will undoubtedly remember.

I've taken some assorted photos of this and that when I've been writing entries on this blog, just to add a bit of colour and illustrate what I've been doing - so I thought I might as well upload those as well. I wasn't expecting them to arouse a great deal of interest: they're hardly unique and in one or two cases the technical quality isn't very good either. So it was to my great surprise that I found when looking at the stats for my photos that the new set of 18 images have clocked up over 220 views in the space of twenty-four hours to make it the second-highest number of views in a single day for my stuff, and by far the most popular are three of me in my muddy wellies on Easter Day. Huh? Go figure. Not that I'm complaining: it just seems an odd choice and not the one I'd have predicted. Anyway, here's the pic everyone seems to have latched onto as their favourite....

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