Monday, 12 April 2010

In the land of the Zombies

For some reason I didn't sleep very well last night: I kept waking up intermittently and just before five I heard the dawn chorus start up so I knew I might as well abandon any attempt to get back to sleep. Unlike my father, I've never been an early riser, and have always tended to have late bedtimes as an adult although last night was only just after midnight. I didn't wake up cold, nor uncomfortable. I usually sleep in my corset now, and while it took a couple of nights to get used to at first, I love the feeling of waking up all snug and tightly wrapped in it.

Anyway, I got up, loaded the washing machine with some towels, stacked the dishwasher and got them both going, and made myself a pot of coffee. Did a bit of early morning surfing till around eight when the dog barked at the postman's arrival, signalling that everyone else was now awke, too. Perhaps predictably, by lunchtime I was feeling pretty weary, and had a siesta!

And it's great, of course, to be able to do it - to set my own hours according to what my body tells me it's got the energy to do, instead of being condemned forever to the 9 to 5 mentality with a boss glowering at me like a schoolteacher for being five minutes late in the morning. I'm much more productive doing things when I want to, rather than getting paid to do them according to a nominal timetable, and I suspect an awful lot of other people are as well. There again, someone poor soul's got to mind the shop!

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