Friday, 16 April 2010

Plant pots and potting plants

It's about time today, I thought, to get the succulents potted up and ready to go out on the balcony for the summer again. I'd bought them as house plants a few years ago, and while they're hardy enough to sit outdoors in the summer, I always bring them in to spend winter on the windowsill. I've got four left of the original eight or ten that I first accumulated - and one of those is an offshoot of its 'parent' which I got to take root on its own. They look a bit dry at the moment, as I have a nasty habit of killing off succulents through over-watering (which is quite probably why I've only got these few left). Nevertheless, I noticed as I tidied them up and cleaned out their pots that they seem to be thriving, especially the aloe which tried to bite me with its sharp spiny leaves as I was handling it. Its pot has a rather superfluous "harmful if eaten" label: I can't see how anyone would be tempted to even try, but I suppose with the all-pervasive obsession with Health & Safety somebody somewhere decided it was needed. Sheesh!

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