Sunday, 25 April 2010

Summer lace-up time

I write from time to time about how I love to wear a corset. I'm - sadly - not as conscientious as I'd like to be in this respect (and I admire tremendously those who are), so I must confess to being somewhat sporadic in that I make determined efforts for maybe a few days and then start lapsing. Wearing PVC a lot in hot weather isn't my idea of the ideal: it may, and in my opinion does, look "hot" but it feels hot as well and the sticky/sweaty sensation which is the accompanying downside I find a bit much after a while.

But then yesterday I came across the 30" blue denim corset that I bought a while back off eBay (where else!) and which I'd tended to abandon in favour of the PVC one and pretty much forgotten about. So how many guys do you know who own so many corsets they've lost track of some of them?! Anyway, I'm all laced up in it - it's a nice snug fit, but a slightly cooler feeling and the very thing for a pleasant summer late spring evening.

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