Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Following on from my efforts in the strawberry bed last week, today I tackled the raspberries. I'd left them pretty much to their own devices last year and to my great surprise they produced masses of fruit, but the weight of the canes bending over did mean that some of it got spoiled. So I cleared out their bed, got rid of the brambles that were encroaching over the back fence from the small strip of waste ground beyond, and made some little staked enclosures for them.

The fruit canes themselves I'd bought several years ago, and planted there in a patch where I'd scattered the ashes of our two cats when they'd been cremated: I thought it would make a nice little tribute for them. I found out afterwards that far from acting as a fertlizer, ashes have the reverse effect and tend to act as more of a poison for anything that's planted there. I suppose that over the couse of the years, nature has taken its course and restored the fertility or something: either way, it's turned into something of a nice memorial after all.

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