Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Plus ça change

So... it's official. The date of the next General Election is to be May 6th. And while the Prime Minister may have termed it the least best-kept secret, the plain fact is that he's so close to the end of his five-year term in office he was fast running out of dates to choose from.

I shall cast my vote: I've done so ever since I got a vote in 1969 (when the voting age was still 21) because I happen to think unless you do you have very little moral right to complain afterwards if you don't like the outcome. I can't work up a great deal of enthusiasm, all the same. I remember some elections in the past with some character to them (and real characters in them) - and I stayed up half the night watching the results come in. All the present politicians come across to me as rather bland and colourless: there's no-one who's charismatic enough to inspire me with a vision of a future that I really, really want to be a part of.

Which puts me in mind of the old 'acid test' saying: "Would you buy a used car off this salesman?" I wouldn't buy so much as a bike off any of 'em!

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