Friday, 23 April 2010


Not really, but with afternoon temperatures climbing to the mid-sxties, it certainly feels very warm and pleasant in the unbroken sunshine this week, so I've been making the most of it. The tomato seeds I'd sown earlier germinated quickly, and I've been hardening them off outdoors every day, though they're still quite small seedlings as yet. I just hope I can get them planted early enough to mature and produce some fruit this year. I've almost finished digging a bed over ready for them: it was somewhat choked with nettles and assorted other weeds which made it a bit of a back-breaking task, but it hasn't rained now since Easter so the ground was dry enough at least. I'll probably try and finish that off tomorrow.

And I found a place to get my shears sharpened after all! I took them in on Tuesday (and they were supposed to have rung me when they were ready, but didn't) but I was able to collect them this morning - £5 + VAT. The guy said he'd had to bend the blades back a bit to make them align properly which must be why I'd been ripping everything out with them instead of cutting it. Yay... life is good!

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