Saturday, 10 April 2010

Fruit farm

The weather kept its promise, with warm sunshine and unbroken cloud, giving me the chance to finish off the strawberry bed. It's seemed like a long cold winter this year and although it's only April and the nights still have a distinct chill in the air, the days almost seem like summer. Armed with a new stainless steel fork and trowel set that I'd bought a couple of years ago but never used, I hacked away at the undergrowth to reveal the plants buried beneath. I'd originally brought some plants with me from when I moved out of my parents' home some 35 years ago, and apart from one year when I had to buy a few more to "top them up" they're the same ones which produce runners freely every year. The bed is a bit bigger now: our neighbours had the fence replaced recently and the honeysuckle which covered the old one used to encroach substantially despite efforts on my part to hack it back every so often.

Oh, and I wore my shorts to the supermarket this morning, despite what I wrote yesterday! I did feel a bit self-conscious to be honest, but it was really pleasant and sunny out, and I noticed I wasn't the only one - although I must admit I don't normally take in what the other customers are wearing unless it's something really outlandish.

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