Friday, 2 April 2010

No Easter eggs for me!

Weighing myself this morning, I discovered I've lost around three pounds since Monday! I've learned from previous experience that while if I put my mind to it I can shed significant amounts of weight fairly quicky at first, the rate inevitably soon tails off and I get a bit dispirited, with the result that I tend to lose heart and it soon goes back on again. I'd love to get back to the 125 pounds and 28" waist that I had as a teenager, but realistically I can't see that ever happening! However the admonition I got a couple of years ago from the nurse when I went for my healthcheck to the effect that I was a bit overweight was a wake-up call, and I realized that I couldn't carry on stuffing sweets and chips in the way I'd become accustomed to without it showing. So cutting those out, and eliminating other obvious sources of trouble (after all, it is termed a "beer belly" for a reason!) got me off to a flying start. I don't like salad and never have, but things like swapping toast for crispbread were easy enough to do - and simply reducing the amounts of what I ate worked a lot of the time too.

Getting back into the swing of doing all that again this week has been plain sailing. I've been tempted by the odd piece of cake or two, but I've been strong willed and kept my resolve. And I'd forgotten how good it felt to wear a corset! I can see the effect slowly producing results when even after I've taken it off, my stomach is noticeably flatter now. I look better and I feel better. And since today is Good Friday and it's a holiday, perhaps I should improve on the shining hour by taking the dog for a walk in the woods: I'm sure she'd enjoy that!

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