Thursday, 8 April 2010


I got back from walking the dog tonight, to find a very nice email in my inbox from a fellow ex-pupil who'd been looking at my schooldays website and who, although he was a pupil some thirteen years before me, found much of what I'd written very familiar. From other comments I've received, it certainly seems that the basic character of the school didn't change much over a period of some thirty years, something which I think was probably mirrored in grammar schools over the country. It's always very gratifying to get emails: I had an awful lot of pleasure in writing my story and putting the site together, and I'm always glad when other people take the trouble to write in and share their memories with me - although I suppose those who have unpleasant ones would prefer not to. To the best of my knowledge, my site is still pretty much the only one which has any real information on my old school - perhaps rather surprisingly in view of the many hundreds of boys who passed through its doors over the years. Maybe I shall inspire someone else to add their story some day?

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